By Petra Ingram  (Chief Executive)
06 Aug 2014

WW1 Vigil Blog - PetraThe Brooke’s Chief Executive Petra Ingram reflects on 100 years since the First World War and her inspiration for running the Royal Parks.






By Karan Kapoor  (Information and Communications Officer)
31 Jul 2014

The Brooke animal charity works to improve animal welfare

In many rural communities woman are often confined to the home but in villages where the Brooke works they have been encouraged to form local welfare groups to look after the animals they and their families depend on.



By Laura Skippen  (Veterinary Partner Training Advisor)
30 Jul 2014



By Lynne Nesbit  (Former Staff)
07 Jul 2014

Lynne's blog - ThumbI was introduced to each patient and had its wounds or illness explained.  Everything was slow, gentle and quiet; time had virtually stopped.  When I was taken to the isolation ward, I cried for the first time.



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