By Melissa Liszewski  (Animal Welfare Advisor)
08 Apr 2014

thumbIt's so sad to think of just how hard these animals work and that what they need most – water - is actually right there, heavy on their back, but they cannot access it.  





By Laura Skippen  (Veterinary Advisor Partner Trainer)
19 Mar 2014

Dentist blog thumb
Teeth can easily be forgotten, but their health is vital for an animal's comfort






By Klara Saville  (Veterinary Advisor)
12 Mar 2014

WEVM globe - thumbOur wonderful Working Equid Veterinary Manual has gone global!








By Tamsin Hirson  (Senior Vet Advisor)
12 Feb 2014

WEM thumb for blogThe first priority is for the manual to be distributed among 160 Brooke vets around the world to help them with their work.  Our vets will then donate extra books to the local vets and paravets they train  so even more people can benefit.



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