By Melissa Liszewski   (Animal Welfare & Community Engagement Advisor)
26 Jan 2015

Euthanasia - thumb

What happens when despite our best efforts, and the best efforts of local stakeholders, an animal’s illness, injury or overall condition means they have a poor outlook for a fit and pain free working life?



By Jessie Khera  (Brooke Staff)
12 Jan 2015

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When working animals become sick or injured, traditional treatments passed down through generations are often used. Some are very good for the animals – such as cleaning a wound with salt water but there are many other practices that do more harm than good.



By Felix Holman  (Programme Advisor (Africa))
05 Jan 2015

masai mara - thumb

No real access to education, no other opportunities for livelihoods - these are families living in a harsh environment and their donkeys, their silent helpers, are critical and core to all these activities.



By Kim Wells  (Senior Welfare Advisor)
27 Nov 2014


How are owners meant to take better care of their animals if they're so poor?









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