We are committed to making our website accessible to everyone.

Web accessibility means that users with disabilities can access information online. Brooke wants to ensure all our users have a positive experience regardless of the device or technology used.

  • We apply commonsense and work with experts in the industry to make sure our website is accessible to all users.
  • We don't rely solely on automated tests; where possible we test our site with real people.


As of May 2016, our website has been tested in the latest versions of a number of browsers. It should look and function as expected in Google Chrome (Windows 7/8 and Android), Firefox (Windows 7/8) and Safari (MacOS and iOS) and Internet Explorer 11 and 10 (Windows 7/8).

Additionally we have tested the site on Internet Explorer 9 (Windows 7). Although the website may look a bit different and some functionality may not work exactly as expected, it remains usable with this browser.

Internet Explorer 8 and all previous versions are no longer supported by Microsoft and our site is unlikely to function on these browsers. If you are using a version of Internet Explorer older than version 10 or 11 we strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version.

Website content accessibility guidelines

The Brooke website has been built to follow W3C standards for HTML and CSS.

Wherever possible, our website conforms to Level A of the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Sometimes we are not able to achieve this but we remain committed to finding ways to improve the accessibility and usability of our website.

Get in touch

We've worked hard to make our website as accessible as possible but we don’t always get things right. If you experience any problems or want to suggest an improvement, email info@thebrooke.orgsend us a tweet or write on our Facebook page.

For any other enquiries visit our contact us page.